Accessorize your dreads with beads!

Dread beads, the most versatile accessoire for dreadlocks!

Your dreads are already beautiful on their own, but with a small accessory you can give an extra spark to your look! Dread beads are perfect to give your dreads that finishing touch. Dreadshop provides dread beads in different materials, colors and sizes. There’s plenty of choice and a lot of variation, so you can change looks!

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Which color beads match my dreads?

You can pick any color dread bead that you like because we have a wide range of beads! You can keep it natural and pick wooden dread beads for example, but you can also choose metallic dread beads ! Do you want to add some color to your dreads? Then you can combine in all sorts and sizes!

Our dread beads are environment friendly!

Because we like to take the environment into account and because our quality is really important to us we chose to add wooden dread beads to our shop. All of our wooden dread beads in our product range are manufactured from Europese environmental friendly wood and the beads comply with international safety and environmental requirements.

Beads in different sizes, which ones will fit your dreadlocks?

Got excited to accessorize your dreads with dread beads but you don’t know which size bead(s) fit on which size dread(s)? We answered that question in one of our previous blogs! Read this blog: Beads, which size for which dreads?

Inspiration, a dreadlook with synthetic dreads and beads

Watch our vlog where we create a fun, practical and simple hairdo by putting dread beads in synthetic dreads.


Have fun with creating your own unique looks with dread beads!
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