Beads, which size for which dreads?

In our webshop we sell beads of different materials and sizes

Which beads are suitable for which dreads?

That’s what we’ll explain here.

In our assortment we have beads of three different kinds of material: metal, plastic and wood.

All beads are available in multiple sizes from small and medium to large.

For every bead on our website, we have described the length and width of the bead and how large the hole is. The last size is important because you need to know whether the bead will fit around the type of dread you’d like to order.


Bead: Rasta Large Rasta Large

Give your dread a funky look with these Rasta Beads!

Length of the bead: 20 mm , width 3.5 mm , the hole is 14 mm .

Suitable for: Thick Dreads and Real Appearing Dreads

Rasta beads are available in different versions.

Bead: Tube Flower  Tube Flower

Cute beads to cheer up your look!

Length of the bead: 19 mm (0.75 inch), width 9 mm (0.35 inch), the hole is 5 mm (0.19 inch).

The Tube Flower bead has been made from strong steel, doesn’t fade and is of great quality!

Suitable for: Thick Dreads , Real Appearing Dreads and Single Ended Dreads .

Bead: Neon Star Neon star

Happy coloured plastic beads! Because these beads are from plastic, they are light in weight and the colour won’t fade quickly in the sun.

Length of the bead: 10 mm (0.39 inch), the hole is 4 mm (0.15 inch)

Suitable for: Thin Dreads and Medium Dreads .

All the wooden beads in our assortment are handmade from European wood. The beads meet with the international safety- and environmental requirements.

How to put the beads around your dreads?

There are a few steps for this, the following pictures will walk you through them.

Take the bead between your fingers and get to the tip of your dread.

If the bead is correct, slide it carefully up the dread.

Slide the bead in as high as you like (also dependent on the size of the hole and the thickness of your dread) and done!

It is possible to put multiple beads around the same dread.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

You can order the beads to your own liking but for a couple of versions we have sets available!

In doubt? We are happy to give you an honest advise!

Check also our below mentioned video about beads! 



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