Which colours do I choose for my dreads?

You have decided to get dreads or you are considering it. How nice! But now you have to answer the question: which colour or colours do you choose for your dreads?

First; if you don’t know which type of dread suits you best, check out ‘which dread suits me?

Here we will give you colour advices based on a full head with dreadlocks.

Natural coloured dreadlocks

Dread colorsWhen you would like a natural look with dreads, Dreadshop advises to choose for three natural shades, close to each other colour wise. The base shade is the colour that is closest to your natural hair colour. The other two colours should be a shade lighter and a shade darker than the base shade. Your own hair usually has more than one shade, by choosing three shades close together in colour, you get a playful but natural effect.

On this photo on the left, the base colour dark blond is chosen with blond as the lighter shade and light brown as the darker shade.

If you choose Thin dreads or Medium Dreads and order one pack of dreads (12 and 10 dreads) for each colour, you’ll save money! For the Thick Dreads goes the same, but one pack contains 6 dreads. Of course you can choose yourself how many dreads of each colour you’d like to use. For instance; you can use more dreads in the base shade than in the other shades.

 A natural dreadbase with colourful highlights Dread colors

Would you like a natural base shade with a little more colour? But you don’t want this colour to dominate? Use 12 dreads at the most as highlights with Thin Dreads and Medium dreads. With the Thick Dreads and Real Appearing Dreads, don’t use more than 6 dreads as highlights. With the Single Ended Dreads you can use up tot 15 dreads. The highlight will be visible, but not to dominating.


Dread colors


A natural base with natural highlights

When you extend your natural dreadbase, with natural highlights, don’t use more than 18 dreads as highlights with the Thin Dreads and the Medium Dreads. With Thick Dreads and the Real Appearing reads you can use up to 9 dreads as highlights. Don’t use more than 20 dreads as highlights with the Single Ended Dreads.



A colourful head of Dreads! Dread color

Want a more explosive look? Use lots of colours! For instance: take half the amount of dreads you need in explosive colours (like Thin Triples, Thin Transitionals and Thin Candy Canes) and the other half in natural shades.



Dread colors
Just one colour

Of course you can choose to pick just one colour of dreads. Our advice is to make sure the colour of the dread is close to your own hair colour. That way, your own hair and the dreadlocks will fit together.




Of course there are many more options when choosing colours for your dreads. We hope we have given you a few ideas by now so you can choose what suits you best! Good luck!

If you would like a personal advice about which colours will suit you best, please send us a photo of your hair(colour) and what kind of dreads you would like. We are happy to help you pick something! You can email the photo to: orders@dreadshop.co.uk


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