Create your own fall look with dreads

We’re leaving the summer behind us, days are getting darker and colder. Fall is coming. Do you want to swap your summer look for a fall look? In this blog we will show you various fall color combinations and inspirations for your dreadlocks!  

Fall look dreads for blonde hair

Do you have blonde or dark blonde hair? With blonde hair it’s also possible to create a warm fall look! Choose out of the  combinations of dreadcolors:    

  • Honey Blonde/Dark Blonde 
  • Chestnut Blonde 
  • Copper 
  • Copper Brown & 
  • Mahogany

Fall look dreads for (dark)brown hair

Is your natural hair color dark? A dark hair color will make a good fall look! Choose out of the combination of dreadcolors:  

  • Dark Brown/Coffee 
  • Henna 
  • Copper 
  • Copper Brown & 
  • Walnut

Fall look with red and green shades

It’s also possible to create a fall look with red and green dreads! Would you like to create a look like that? Then choose out of the following combination of dreadcolors:  

  • Dark Brown/Coffee 
  • Copper Brown 
  • Mahogany 
  • Walnut & 
  • Dark Emerald


  • Mahogany 
  • Red 
  • Ruby 
  • Henna & 
  • Burgundy


Dreadset Red Dahlia:
Colors: Mahogany, Chocolate, Ruby, Henna en Burgundy
red dahlia        


Psychara Forest

We also have a beautiful dread set called Psychara Forest, this look also comes in fantastic fall colors.

psychara forest


Fall accessories for your fall look dreads

Now colder days are coming it’s also nice to wear a cozy warm headband or a dreadbeanie. You can match these accessories with your dreads! Take a look at our dark brown Dreadtube  or a dark brown Headband XL aren’t these nice to wear in the fall? 
draadtube Tessa

To complete your dread set we offer various beads in our range. The Tube Middle or the Copper Tube  are very suitable for fall!  

Hopefully we inspired you with our combinations to create a fun dread fall look! Do you want suitable advice for your hair color? Then send an e-mail to: with a picture of your hair color.  We would love to help and inspire you! Have a great fall!

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