Dreadwax, when do you use it?

The ‘old’ Dread Method

Some 10 - 15 years ago, making Real Dreads was done by dividing your hair into squares with elastics. You had a bunch of ponytails on your head and the elastics had to stay in for at least a month to make sure the loose hairs wouldn’t grow into the wrong dread. After that, the strains of hair back combed and perm liquid was used on it. Sometimes the dreads were set on hair rollers and because of that you would get curly dreads… After this chemical process, which would dry your hair out, Dreadwax was used on your hair. The Dreadwax was used as a caring product and ensured that you hair would stick together to advance the dread process.

The ‘new’ Dread Method

Nowadays, Real Dreads are made by dividing your hair into squares, which is still possible with elastics. But, the elastics can be removed immediately after making the Dreads :) By using a crochet hook on the dreads, your hair will stick better and you will have a strong dread.

When do you use Dreadwax?

You can still make Real Dreads using the ‘old’ Dread Method. Our advice would is: don’t use the perm liquid.

  • Do you have really dry hair/dry dreads? Then Dreadwax is a good choice to nourish your dreads. But there are also conditioner sprays or oils and you can also use Dread Cream. These products are easier to wash out.
  • Are your dreadlocks not sturdy enough? Then the use of Dreadwax is worth trying. Don’t forget to palm roll it regularly. For this also goes: a Dread Cream is easier to wash out and would be our choice of approach. Another method to make your dreads sturdier is to use a crochet hook to tuft them from inside. Dreadcreme
  • Lots of loose hairs? Dreadwax and palm rolling will ensure that the loose hairs will stick to your dreads. Another option to get rid of the loose hairs is the method with a Dread Tool or the use of a Dread Cream or Dread Gel.

Suggestion: don’t use too much Dreadwax and don’t use it a lot. Dreadwax is very greasy and can be hard to wash out of your Dreadlocks. When your dreads are greasy because of the Dreadwax, other filth and dust will stick easier to your dreads. Using wax once a week is more than enough!

The advice of Dreadshop: use a Dread Cream or Dread Gel. These products are easier to wash out.


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