Why can’t I use dreadwax?

Dreadwax is a product that is no longer sold by Dreadshop. The reason for this is that it’s not recommended to use wax on your real dreads. But why is that exactly?


Wax makes your dreads greasy and it’s hard to wash out of your hair. Even when using a shampoo the wax will not completely wash away. Because of these wax remnants your dreads will become dirty more easily and also it doesn’t improve the dread process in the way you would want it to. It does not benefit the felting process of your dreads.

Also your clothes and pillows will be affected by the wax, meaning that you will have to wash them more often.

Dreadshop recommends using a cream, gel or special care spray instead of wax. The Dready Dreadzz locking cream and the Dollylocks tightening gel in our assortment are a good alternative for wax. It’s less sticky, it washes out perfectly and these products help tightening your dreads.

We supply the care sprays and tightening sprays in various colors and variations. The advantage of using the spray’s is that your fingers won’t get sticky after you used spray to care for your dreads.

We also recommend using our Dready Dreadzz Locking Accelerator ! It’s specially developed for real dreads, this accelerator ensures that your dreads tangle and felt well because that’s what makes your dreadlocks sturdy.


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