How long does my hair have to be to make Real Dreads?

You would like to make real dreads out of your own hair, but how long does your hair need to be?

Real Dreads from short hair Hearlength

When you would like to make real dreads out of your own hair, Dreadshop advises a minimal hair length of 10-15 centimetre/ 4 - 6 inch. Keep in mind that your dreads will be even shorter because of the backcombing. Palm rolling the dreads regularly will create a little length, but this takes time. Are your dreads too short? Lengthen them!

Lengthening Real Dreads  

When you just can’t wait to get Real Dreads until your hair is longer, you can choose to lengthen them. This way, you will have nice long dreads instantly. If you choose to get dreads and lengthen them, your hair has to be at least 15 centimetre/ 6 inch. Because of the backcombing of your hair, the dreads will be a couple of centimetres or inches shorter. Because of this, there will be not enough space to make the dreads.

When you choose to lengthen your dreads, you can determine how long (and which colour) you would like to have your dreads. More information about lengthening your Real Dreads, can be found here.

Making Dreads with long(er) hair

When you have shoulder length or longer hair (at least 30 centimetres / 12 inches), getting Real Dreads isn’t a problem. When backcombing your hair, your dreads can get a few centimetres/ inches shorter but with this length, you’ll barely notice the difference. You will have a good length left with Real Dreads.

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