How many dreads should I use?

We’re often asked, “How many dreads do I need for my head?” How many dreads

The answer is not that easy. It depends on several factors. The first is: what type of dread are you going to use? But it also depends on whether you have “thick”, “thin” or “normal” hair in terms of volume.

If you have “normal” hair we recommend the following for a full head of dreadlocks:

6 packs Thin Dreads 
6 packs Medium Dreads
6 packs Thick Dreads 
6 packs Real Appearing Dreads
6 packs Single Ended Dreads

Do you have thin hair?

Then we recommend the following:

5-6 packs Thin Dreads
5-6 packs Medium Dreads
5-6 packs Thick Dreads
5-6 packs Real Appearing Dreads
5-6 packs Single Ended Dreads

Do you have thick hair?

Then we recommend the following:

7 packs Thin Dreads
7 packs Medium Dreads
7 packs Thick Dreads
7 packs Real Appearing Dreads
7 packs Single Ended Dreads

Would you like to combine different types of dreads?

Of course it’s also possible to mix different types of dreads together. For example, you might choose a combination of Thin Dreads and Thick Dreads. Then you could combine 3 packs of Thin Dreads with 3 packs of Thick Dreads.

Do you have a mohawk, side cut or another special hair style? Or are you still unsure about how many dreadlocks you should order after reading this information? Then feel free to e-mail us a picture of your hair and we’ll gladly give you advice! 

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