How can I store my dreads nicely?

There are several ways you can neatly store your dreads.

We have listed these here:

  • To store your dreads in a proper, fun, stylish manner, we offer you the special Storage Box !
    Store your dreads, other accessories or headwear completely dust free thanks to the magnetic closure.
    No loose dreads, elastic bands or accessories lying around everywhere, now you can nicely store them in a nice eyecatcher in your closet or on your dressing table!
    Order now in our webshop!

  • In your closet on a clothes hanger. There are clothes hangers that you can attach to each other by using rings, it will become a row of hangers hanging under each other, this will save you some space in your closet!

  • In a shoebox, easy and stackable!

  • In the original package or in the colored bag that you’ve received your dreads in.

  • In a plastic bag in your closet.

  • In a cloth bag.

  • Hang them on your own dread rack! At Dreadshop we have a beautiful rack on the wall on which we hang all our dreads! 

  • A jewelry hanger, there are special hangers with a lot of hooks on which you can hang your dreads! 

  • Hang them on your coat hanger, for example a wooden coat hanger with a lot of knobs or hooks close to each other ( if you’re creative you can do this yourself by using a wooden plank and attach knobs or hooks onto it, you can paint it and you’re done!)
    Storage box
    Dreadrek KapstokDIY

Did you uninstall your dreads? Wash and dry them first before you store them! (link to info page about uninstalling dreads)

How NOT to store your dreads!

  • Rolled up like a ball, then they will tangle up and they will become frizzy

  • Do NOT put them in the dryer, (more about this at our info page)

  • Do NOT store them unprotected (so always store them inside of something)

  • Do NOT store them on top of your closet.

  • If you have pets store them in a place that your pet can’t reach

  • Do NOT store them in a humid room (if you store them in a non humid room you will prevent your dreads from odors and deforming)

Do you also have a good tip that isn’t on this list? Let us know!


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