How to use locking/tightening products

You have natural dreads and you want to tighten them. You might need some help from locking/tightening products, but how do you use these products?

Choices: which locking/tightening products are suitable for my dreads?

There is quite a big range of products within this category. Choosing between these products is always a personal choice, but with some extra explanation about these products you might be able to make a more targeted choice. 

Basic products that help tighten your dreads   Tightnings

A very nice and easy product is a locking/tightening spray! This is the most easy to use and the most used basic product when you want to lock your dreadlocks.
You can use this spray by simply spraying it onto your dreads and/or scalp to help your dreads to tighten up. You can use the spray daily but 1-3 times a week is more than enough. Dreadshop offers these locking sprays in their assortment: Dready Dreadzz Lock It Accelerator and the Dollylocks Tightening spray .

Dreads: Extra strong tightening

An extra tool to help with tightening your dreads is the Tightening Gel from Dollylocks. This gel will make your dreads noticeably tighter! A disadvantage of this product is that you can easily use too much of it. A few pumps of the product should be enough, use it by putting it on your palm and then rub it on your dreads. This works best on preferably towel-dry (wet / moist) hair. When you recently got your natural dreads you can use the tightening gel and palmroll the dreads one by one. You might use a little more gel, but it will make your dreads noticeably tighter! Do not use this gel too often (max. once a month) because it can dry out your hair. Palmrolling will also tighten up your dreads. You can do this either with or without any products.

Tight dreadlocks with powder!

There are also locking powders you can use on your dreads. These powders will make your hair course which makes it easier to lock your hair and this can also improve the tightening of your dreads. Dreadshop advices to use these powders especially when you want to lock your regrowth. These products will definitely help with that! A locking powder is also a good tool for when you want to extend your dreads. It will help to lock up the transition between your own hair/dreads and the extension. Within our range we provide the following locking powders: Dready Dreadzz Locking Pow(d)er and the Dollylocks “Dry Shampoo” Locking Powder . 

Nourish and care for your hair besides using locking products

Locking/tightening products contain salt and other ingredients that can dry out your hair. Dry hair tangles better and that will result in tighter dreads. However it is important that your hair won’t get too dry! Dehydrated hair can start to break and we don’t want that! So do nourish and care for your hair with conditioning products like a cream , a conditioning spray or a nourishing oil . Finding a good balance between these products is important.

Good luck with taking care of your beautiful (tight) dreads!

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