Tips to give your dreads a sunny look!

Spring and summer are around the corner, reason enough to pimp your dreads with fun and colorful accessories! Dreadshop

Do you want a new or different set of dreads, then pick our playful summer colors, like: pineapple, lime, carrot, turquoise, honey blonde and lady pink! Available in thin or thick dreads ! You can also order our medium dreads in a few fun summery colors!

Do you prefer a natural or warm look for your dreads or your hair, then you can add a summery twist by adding a couple of slide-in dreads or nice eye catching beads !
What do you think about our candy mix, star or heartmix or wooden beads?

Candy mix

  Headwrap  Headwrap Lillybelle  Slide-in dreads

Finish off your look with a bandana , headwrap or headband !

Available in various colors and made of a flexible, stretchable fabric, which makes it easier to wear in the summer. You also protect your scalp against the bright sun ;) Because the headwrap is stretchable you can easily put up your hair when it’s really hot outside!

How can i protect my look during the heat?

When the temperature rises, protecting your dreads and scalp is a must, you can find more information about protection during heat here

Thick Elastic

Choose a double elastic XXL or a set of 4 bright colored thick elastics to make a high ponytail, knot or other fun hair creation.

DIY check our vlogs:

Check out these vlogs with tips to make a bun or other fun creation with dreads:

I don’t have dreads, how do i spice up my look?

Even when you don’t have dreads you can spice up your hair and give it a summer look by using a bandana , headband , slide-in dreads or a dreadfall!

Dreadfalls are dreads attached to a big elastic band, you create a ponytail, put the elastic band with dreads around it and you’re ready to go out or go to a festival!

You can also wear slide-in dreads if you’re not a dreadhead! You can easily slide them into your hair and your look is finished!

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