Elastics, which ones do you choose?

In our webshop we sell different kinds of elastics. But which one to buy?
Here we give some extra information about the characteristics of the elastics.

The Sturdy Elastics sturdy elastics

These elastics are the best choice for installing your synthetic dreads. The quality of these elastics is very good. They are so sturdy, that they won’t break while wearing your dreads. The material of these elastics won’t dry out, so you’ll have months of pleasure of them. These elastics are somewhat stiffer when using them, they don’t stretch out as well as the rubber elastics for example.

The Rubberbands

These elastics are from average quality. Because these elastics will dry out sooner (because of warmth, sunlight and use of shampoo) than the Sturdy Elastics or the Orthodontic Elastics, we advise not to use them for installing your synthetic dreads. While rubberbandswearing them there is a risk that the elastics will break and your dreads will fall out.

When making or maintaining Real Dreads, these elastics are ideal. When making Real Dreads it is nice to make a division in your hair with these elastics. Also when maintaining Real Dreads you can use these elastics. You can make sure that loose hairs will grow into your dread, where they belong. After time, the elastics will break and just fall out of your hair :).


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