Which headwear suits me?

Depending on the season, your look and your personal preference you can choose from a variation of headbands, dreadcaps or elastic bands on our website. You don't have dreads (yet)? Don't worry, our headwear is also suitable for non dreadheads.

Do you want a colorful or bright look? Go for a or a XL headband in a bright color or print! Bandana's and headbands are made from a thin stretchable fabric, it isn't tight but very comfortable to wear and they're ideal for spring and summer. On another note: you can wear it in various different ways.

When autumn arrives you can choose to use a headwrap . The headwrap is an extra large flexible hairband made from nice soft fabric, it isn't tight and you can fold the headwrap for an awesome effect. A dreadtube is also suitable in the fall or when the spring is still cold. Dreadtubes are 100% acrylic which is a nice and loose-fitting fabric.


  XL Headband  Headwrap  Dreadtube

Once winter is coming it is recommended to wear a dread beanie or a dreadcap . Dread beanies are a must-have for dreadheads. You can wear your dreads down or you can put them all in your beanie. We also have a 2-side reversible dread beanie , which you can wear on both sides.

Dreadcaps are nice and warm and they're made from cashmere, they're also extra large. You can use a dreadcap just like a dread beanie, wear it with your dreads loose or everything in the cap.

A dread beanie or a dreadcap are also fun to wear if you're not a dreadhead.


  dreadcap  Dreadbeanie 2-side reversible

Is it impossible to choose from our variety of headwear? We also have a headwear dreadkit , consisting of a 2-side reversible dread beanie , a black dread beanie , a hairband XL (choose your own color), and a double elastic XXL (choose your own composition). Headwear dreadkit

You don't like wearing beanies, caps or a fabric hairband? Try our spike diadem for a gothic/cyber look or for a cool effect!
Spike diadem

If you want to wear your dreads in a ponytail, bun or braid we would love to recommend these two previous blogs: "Double elastic, how to use it?" and "Elastics, which ones do you choose?".

You can also look at our thick elastics , which are available in different compositions in a set of 4 or the roll up elastic , which is very sturdy and suitable to hold a big bunch of dreads together.

There's plenty of choice, get inspired by our pictures and our lookbook!

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