Why do you have to section your hair for a dread install?

When you install dreads it’s important to section your hair well, but why do you have to do that?  Dreads section

Divide your dreads equally

Firstly it’s important to divide your dreads on your head the right way. When you use an equal thickness of hair for each section, the weight of the dreads will be equally distributed across your head. This means that the weight is also equally divided over your hair. And it also means that you can prevent your hair by being too overloaded by the weight. 

Regrowth that tangles

Another very important reason is that when you just randomly pick strands to install dreads into, these strands will tangle over an amount of time. Your hair will grow while you’re wearing your dreadlocks and your dreadlocks will slowly slide down because of the new regrowth. The regrowth with random sections will grow and entangle together and this can cause your hair to entangle a lot. When you wear real dreads this might cause dreads to intertwine/grow together.

Do you have to get the sections exactly even?

There are many ways to get the sectioning on your hair right. It’s also not bad when the sections are a little uneven. Most of the time you will section the front a little neater than the sections on the back. However, keep the two aspects above in mind.

Good luck!

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