Wool dreads, fun facts!

Wool dreads, fun facts!

With wool for dreads, also called ‘Lontwool’, you can make your own Wool Dreads. It takes some time, but it isn’t hard to do. Of course it is fun to make your own creation with Wool Dreads. Here you can read all about how to do that.

The wool for dreads that we sell is Merino wool. Merino wool is wool of very gentle quality. The wool comes from the Merino sheep. It has a very gentle and soft structure and is ideal for your dreadlocks because it hardly itches.

The wool is delivered in a long string, which is very thick. If you want thick Wool Dreads, there is no need to split the string. When you want Wool Dreads of average thickness you split the string in two or three parts. For thin Wool Dreads you split the string into four parts. 

Characteristics of the Wool Dreads are (approximately): wooldreads

Diameter of the different thicknesses Wool Dreads:

Thin: 0.4 inch
Middle: 0.5 inch
Thick: 0.6 inch

The weight of the different thicknesses and lengths of Wool Dreads (per dread):

                    Thin           Middle           Thick

11.8 inch       0.12 oz.      0.23 oz.         0.48 oz.
15.7 inch       0.18 oz.      0.28 oz.         0.53 oz
19.7 inch       0.24 oz.      0.41 oz.         0.58 oz.
23.6 inch       0.29 oz.      0.46 oz.         0.70 oz.

For a full head of Wool Dreads you will need:

60-70 thin Wool Dreads
50-60 middle Wool Dreads
35-45 thick Wool Dreads

How much weight Wool Dreads on my head?

Once you know the sizes and weights of the Wool Dreads, you can calculate how much weight there will be on your head. For example: you choose the middle sized Wool Dreads of 15.7 inches and you use 50 Wool Dreads. This will be 50 x 0.28 oz. = 14 oz.

Is it the first time you will have Dreads? Then our advices is to have them weigh less than 14 oz. If you still want more, don’t go any higher than 17.5 oz., otherwise the weight will be too much for your own hair.

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