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The Real Appearing Dreads come closest to Real Dreads in terms of look and feel. They are of extremely good quality and last for years! These dreads are also perfect for supplementing or extending your Real Dreads. See our instructional video.

Real Appearing Dreads are:

The Real Appearing Dreads are double ended dreads.

For example: a 50 cm long double ended dread has two sides of 50 cm each, the whole double ended dread is 100 cm, in between the two sides is an attachment piece.

For a full install with Real Appearing Dreads you need 6 packs. Sidecut or a mohawk? Then we advise different amounts.

Dreadshop advises a minimal hair length of 6 cm/ 2.5 inch when installing dreads.

Note: Real Appearing Dreads are a bit stiff in the beginning. They’ll become suppler with wear.

Check out more pictures of the Real Appearing Dreads!

8 Real Appearing Dreads


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