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Feel like having Dreads? But not in the mood to go to a Dread Specialist or to install them yourself? Order a Dreadfall!

  • One ponytail with dreads
  • Easy to place in and take out of your hair
  • A different look for a day or an evening out

With this Dreadfall, you have enough volume for a full ponytail. 

The Dreadfall contains 4 packs of dreads, you can choose the colours you want!

You can also choose the colour of the XXL Double Elastic and the Sturdy Elastics with which we will attach the dreads to the double elastic.

Also included is a stylish Storage Box

The fall will be made by hand, this also means they can not be returned. Because the Dreadfall is made by hand, the delivery time will be longer than with our other products. Calculate 1-5 business days before your Dreadfall will be shipped.

In our manual you can read all about how to place your Dreadfall in your hair.

Like being creative? Here you can read about how to make your own Dreadfall(s).

Dreadfall Thin Dreads (16 inch/40 cm)

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