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This set contains 72 Thin Dreads in the 20 inch/50 cm length which is enough for a full head of dreads. 

The dreads in this set are double ended dreads. In this blog you can read how you can install these dreads. 

The set contains:
1 Storage Box 
12 Thin dreads Henna
12 Thin dreads Ruby
12 Thin dreads Burgundy
12 Thin Dreads Chocolate
24 Thin Dreads Mahogany

Red Dahlia 20 inch/50 cm

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1 x Thin Dreads Henna (50 cm)
1 x Thin Dreads Ruby (50 cm)
1 x Thin Dreads Burgundy (50 cm)
1 x Thin Dreads Chocolate (50 cm)
2 x Thin Dreads Mahogany (50 cm)
1 x Headwrap-Marine

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