Tips to lengthen your own real dreadlocks

In this manual we will explain how you can lengthen your own real dreadlocks with our real appearing dreads. We’ve also made a video about lengthen your own real dreadlocks. This video gives you, besides our manual, a good impression of how you should do this yourself.

Requisites for lengthen your own real dreadlocks

real dreads real appearing dreads crochet hook lock powder



Your own real dreadlocks

To start you need, of course, your own dreadlocks, dreadlocks made of your own hair. You can use dreads that just have been locked but you can also use dreads that are more ‘mature’.

Real appearing dreads from Dreadshop

You choose the real appearing dreads in the colour that is closest to your own hair colour. For this, look at the color of the tips of your dreadlocks. Also choose a length of dreads, your own dreads will be lengthened with the length of the real appearing dreads.

Example: If you have real dreadlocks of 30cm/11.8inch long and you lengthen them with real appearing dreads of 30cm/11.8inch, your dreadlocks will be 60cm/23.6inch.

After you have chosen the right color, you cut the dread in half at the attachment middle piece.

cut your dreads

Now you have two single dreads.

cut your dreads

How many dreadlocks do I need?

The real appearing dreads are double and because you cut them and make two dreads of them you only need half the amount of the dreads you have of your own.

Example: If you have 50 dreadlocks of your own hair, you only need 25 real appearing dreads.

How to attach the real appearing dreads to your own dreadlocks?

You have one real appearing dread and one real dreadlock (of your own hair), you ruffle the top of the real appearing dread a little and fold this over the tip of your real dreadlock. (You can use the Lock Pow(d)er to make the hair more rigid.) Now you use the crochet hook to hook the overlapping  hairs into each other, so both dreads will be tangled together. You do this until there are no more pieces of hair jumping out and you think/see/feel that the dread is tight enough. You can check this by trying to pull the real appearing dread of the real dread. The dread is stuck enough when you can pull quite rough and the dread isn’t moving anymore. This is how you lengthen your dreadlocks, easy as that!

lengthening your real dreads

How to take care of your dreadlocks after they’ve been lengthened.

Check for pieces of hair that are sticking out at the point of lengthening, when this does happen, put them back by using the crochet hook. Taking care of your lengthened dreads is the same as the care you are used to with the real dreads. All products you’ll need for this can be found on our website.