Instructions for making a dreadfall from dreadlocks

In the following text we use the words dreads and dreadlocks interchangeably.

In this manual we explain how you can make a dreadfall from our dreadlocks. You can use all kinds of dreads to do this. We've also made a video about making dreadfalls. The video is a helpful supplement to this manual and provides a good view of the necessary techniques.

Supplies for making your own dreadfall

Elastic band

  sturdy elastics

How many dreadlocks do you need to make a full dreadfall?

The number of dreadlocks you need for a dreadfall depends on a few factors.

One factor is the type of dread. Thick Dreads, Medium Dreads and Wool Dreads are ideal for making a dread fall because they provide a lot of volume while remaining lightweight. Thin Dreads are less voluminous, so you'll need more dreads. This will make your dreadfall heavier.

Another factor is whether you want to wear one or two dreadfalls.

Below is an overview of the number of dreadlocks we recommend. The different types of dreadlocks can also be combined in a dreadfall.

One dreadfall         
You can choose one of the following options if you want to make one dreadfall:

Two dreadfalls
You can choose one of the following options if you want to make two dreadfalls:

Attaching dreadlocks to a large hairband or ribbon

  1. First take one dread.
  2. Put the attachment piece of the dread over the large elastic hairband.
  3. Then use a small elastic band/hair tie to attach the dread to the hair band or ribbon.

DreadfallThe dread is now in a loop around the hair band. Do this with multiple dreadlocks next to each other until your dreadfall has the desired volume.

For more images, watch the video, 'making a dreadfall from wooldreads'.

Attaching the dreadfall to your hair

The hair band can be tied to your ponytail or bun just like any other hair band. Be sure the dreadlocks are on top of the ponytail or bun and not hanging down.

Tip: Do you have thin hair? And does the dreadfall not have enough hold on your ponytail? Then tie the ponytail of your own hair with a thick elastic band. This gives the dread fall more hold.

Let Dreadshop make your dreadfall

Having trouble making dreadfalls? Or maybe you don’t feel like making your own dreadfalls? We’ll gladly make your dreadfalls for you! Simply let us know what colors, thickness and length you want your dreadlocks to be and we’ll get to work on them. Keep in mind that we need to plan in time to make your dreadfalls so delivery of your dreadfalls can take a few extra days. We’ll let you know the estimated delivery time if you e-mail us. To order your custom dreadfalls contact us at: