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Order a Dreadkit instead of the separate products to save money!

To make Real Dreads we advice the following products:

  • A spray shampoo to make your own hair more stiff.
  • An accelerator to make your own hair even stiffer after washing it, that way it will stick together easier.
  • Lock-pow(d)er to make the smooth parts of your hair stiff.
  • A teasing comb, made special to create Real Dreads
  • A crochet hook to make your dreads sturdy and dense.

You can find more information about making Real Dreads from your own hair on our information page.

This kit contains:

This kit can only be returned as a complete package. It is not possible to return parts of this kit.


Starterkit Making Real Dreads

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You save: 14%
1 x Dready Spray Shampoo
1 x Dready Lock It Accelerator
1 x Dready Lock Pow(d)er
1 x Comb
1 x Crochet 0,75 mm

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